maulkorb store

Conditions of Use


Our Payment Methods

We offer following methods of online payment:

  1. PayPal.
  2. Banking cards (debit / credit cards).

Besides, you have the opportunity to make your order not on the site:

  1. PayPal without online order. We send you our PayPal details.
  2. Western Union. This is an international remittance, which is available in almost all banks. We send the Western Union details on demand.
  3. International transfer. This method of payment is available only for the orders to the sum over 200, because the costs for bank charges for the less sums are too high for both sides.

Please write us on or call 69 1200 74023 to get all necessary information for the off-line orders and payments.

Our Privacy Principles

  1. We collect only information that is essential to providing optimal service to customers and users. Acquired information is strictly limited to what we need to know in order to provide optimal service levels to our customers and to fulfill all legal or regulatory requirements.
  2. We inform users about what data is collected and how it will be used. Our customers are fully informed about the general uses we make of collected information and we will provide additional information upon request. We do not sell, lease or license confidential information to outside parties. We provide access to confidential information only to outside parties who are directly related to the delivery and service of our products and services. Information retrieval is fully disclosed to all authorized parties.
  3. We ensure information quality. We employ advanced technologies, well-defined practices, and a highly trained technical staff to ensure that self-disclosed data is processed properly, accurately and completely. We provide the mechanism for self-disclosed data to be corrected if errors or changes occur. We do not guarantee the accuracy of third party data we license to use in the SSL Secured identity seal, but we do facilitate the process of resolving any data discrepancies.
  4. We use information security safeguards. We use advanced information security technologies and a highly trained technical staff to protect all data assets entrusted to us. We have implemented well-defined data security and data access procedures to further ensure that data is protected from improper access, loss, misuse or destruction.
  5. We are responsive to requests for explanation about our data use and policies. Our Customer Service Representatives are trained to be responsive to queries about our policies, practices, products and services. Customer Service Representatives are also trained to facilitate the process of resolving any data discrepancies in third party data.
  6. We comply with all applicable privacy laws and regulations wherever SSL does business, based upon the prevailing jurisdictional requirements. As a company with a global reach, SSL is committed to remaining current with the requirements of all local, national and international laws and regulations applicable to our products and services.
  7. We undergo regularly scheduled audits of our privacy policies and practices to monitor our compliance with our stated policies.