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  • Model: M41##1055 Dobermann leichter Hundemaulkorb aus Leder
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Doberman Everyday Light Weight Ventilation Dog muzzle

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Leather Muzzle for Dobermann

Comfortable Leather Muzzle for Dobermann! All of our Dobermann muzzles are designed according to their breed's unique facial and head structure to securely keep your Dobermann from biting, licking or chewing. Our muzzles are the right choice for your Dobermann companion! Super ventilation style: the muzzle is padded on nose with thick felt for maximum comfort and to prevent rubbing. This leather muzzle will prevent your dog from wound licking, eating of rocks, garbage, poison, etc. The Highest Quality Dobermann Muzzle for Every Day! The muzzle prevents injuries from dog fights. Due to policy of some transportation companies your dog will be allowed for transportation if properly muzzled. How to measure your Dog Click here 

Doberman Muzzle

Leather Muzzle for Dobermann

1. Length - Distance from the tip of the nose to eye line in inches.
2. Circumference - Circumference around snout one inch below eye line in inches.
3. Eye Line - Distance from eye line to right behind the ears in inches.
4. Neck Circumference - Circumference around neck behind ears in inches.
5. Width - Snout width in the widest part.
6. Height - Snout height, should be measured with mouth a little open.