West Siberian Laika Equipment

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West Siberian Laika Equipment

West Siberian Laika Equipment

West Siberian Laika is very lively, strong and balanced. Specially for such dogs we create our durable equipment. Here you will find Laika harnesses and muzzles as well as dog collars. Our professional accessories for Huskies and sledge dogs like West Siberian Laika are made in collaboration with dog trainers. Each collar of oiled Italian cow leather is perfectly handmade, the metal parts are of top quality.
We offer the detailed instruction for each product, how to measure your dog properly for a muzzle, a harness or a collar. International shipping of husky supplies and suitable ways of payment. Matching leashes of leather and nylon for each item. In the other category you can look at our Husky or Akita Muzzles
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Each leather harness is perfectly padded, so your dog can feel the maximum comfort. Also, each muzzle has the felt padding on the nose. This is an important feature of our muzzles and harnesses. Some large agitation or attack training collars also have this felt material consisting of 50% from synthetic components for good durability and 50% of natural for Laika comfort.

What characterizes all our products is their professional hand processing, the best leather, nylon and metal materials that serve long, are dog-friendly and durable. If you need that we give you additional information, contact us please.